Principle #45: Why Not Change?

If you are currently dissatisfied, what's the downside to making changes? There are a lot of reasons why we don't change.  Mostly they have to do with fear. We fear losing standing or losing face if we admit weakness, and change is seen as admitting weakness, a fact that makes no sense yet consumes us … Continue reading Principle #45: Why Not Change?

Could It Work?

What if you did the work to know what was truly important to you? What if you saw all of your actions thru a lens of the values you believe deeply in? What if you really knew what those were? What if you worked hard to really value the impact of your actions based upon … Continue reading Could It Work?

Rule of Unwritten Rules

People have to sign things in order to participate.  From elementary school to the NCAA, one can't participate unless they agree to do or not do certain things.  This we (mostly) easily accept, and regardless, the rules are really clear. You likely have written rules for your team, no matter what type of team it … Continue reading Rule of Unwritten Rules

Principle #7 Monsters In the Corner

Did you ever notice that when you shine a flashlight under the bed, or simply turn on the lights, that the boogeyman disappears? If you have issue in your operation or in any relationship, it works to turn on the lights. Illuminate the concerns, even if you are unsure who is "right" or what the … Continue reading Principle #7 Monsters In the Corner

Principle #5: Learn, Intentionally

“Learning from the past” should not be a random thing.  We should have a planning process, make and execute plans and look at them after they are executed.  Ask, "What worked?", and do more of that and less of what didn’t work. When someone says they learned their lesson, it's often simply because a thing … Continue reading Principle #5: Learn, Intentionally

Principle #102 – It’s How You Make Them Feel

One of the conversations that has stuck with me for over ten years... "Coach, I figured something out," she said one April morning. "I'm so used to coaches being the one who yelled at us and made us run, I never thought of them as being on the same team as us." She was shocked … Continue reading Principle #102 – It’s How You Make Them Feel

Principle #78 Orchestrate

Coaching By Numbers Precept #78: A coach is like the conductor of an orchestra.  They don't play an instrument, often didn't write the score and usually doesn't even face the audience...but they had better know each and every player, part and measure of the performance inside and out, before and during the concert. They must … Continue reading Principle #78 Orchestrate

Is College Coaching a Good Job?

It's tough out there!  50+ positions have turned over in college softball this year. FIFTY! A good amount of coaches--of both genders but more women it seems--are leaving the profession altogether.  #coachingishard Tongue in cheek I have said that women are leaving more often than men because they are "smarter", and when it gets tough … Continue reading Is College Coaching a Good Job?