Intra-team competition

Coach, do you value competitive kids? Of course. Do you want your teams to know how to compete? Sure. Will you work hard to cultivate competitiveness in players who have been working on only their own game for too long? Yes. It's important to value competitiveness as a team, and not in a negative way … Continue reading Intra-team competition

Hey, Opponent…What’s Your Secret?

Coaches, we hear, "know thyself" all the time. Starting by doing the work to know what we value, our team's strengths and holes in our game can certainly help you in preparing your team for a competition. Also, know your opponent.  On the face of it, a good scouting report on their players can be … Continue reading Hey, Opponent…What’s Your Secret?

What About What Might Happen?

Forward momentum is enhanced by testing, guessing, making mistakes and accepting partial credit or incomplete solutions. We're told to work intentionally now, ok with thinking about the future, but...not too much. We pass along this approach to our players, too. The present is important, yet fleeting.  It's easy to either be complacent, or consistently … Continue reading What About What Might Happen?

Don’t Forget the Hard Stuff

"It's going to be even better next year," is dangerous thinking. Too often we forget how hard we worked. We forget the struggles and disagreements, the fights, even. We forget the pain of workouts or the disappointments of injuries. Our brains opt to deemphasize the hard parts and glowingly highlight the good times and success … Continue reading Don’t Forget the Hard Stuff

Who’s The Wizard Behind Common Wisdom?

Is "Common Wisdom" simply a self-fulfilling prophecy? Can we simply make something--especially something bad--happen just by expecting it? Or, perhaps, there IS a wizard behind the curtain who makes sure that things come to fruition when we say that they will! Many of us fall prey to the "that's just the way it is" mentality … Continue reading Who’s The Wizard Behind Common Wisdom?