About The Go Team


Sport coaches make a living on the premise that athletes need coaches in order to improve. That those of us who are good at observation, teaching, communicating and understanding a situation are a must in order to help teams and players achieve.

The best professional athletes–and musicians, even politicians and doctors–have coaches to be a set of eyes, to stay up on the latest techniques and to ask the tough questions that allow those pros to succeed.

Why don’t coaches have coaches?

Yes, many coaches use colleagues, have mentors and are evaluated by supervisors, yet this is not typically a coaching relationship like the ones we like to create with our players. Is that enough for you?

The Go Team is here to help our coaching world through well-documented and structured frameworks, strategies and tactics that we can use to “coach” ourselves. We help coaches and leaders put their own voice and values into systems that lead to greater efficiency and lessened anxiety in their programs.

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