Principle #45: Why Not Change?

If you are currently dissatisfied, what's the downside to making changes? There are a lot of reasons why we don't change.  Mostly they have to do with fear. We fear losing standing or losing face if we admit weakness, and change is seen as admitting weakness, a fact that makes no sense yet consumes us … Continue reading Principle #45: Why Not Change?

Rule of Unwritten Rules

People have to sign things in order to participate.  From elementary school to the NCAA, one can't participate unless they agree to do or not do certain things.  This we (mostly) easily accept, and regardless, the rules are really clear. You likely have written rules for your team, no matter what type of team it … Continue reading Rule of Unwritten Rules

Principle #5: Learn, Intentionally

“Learning from the past” should not be a random thing.  We should have a planning process, make and execute plans and look at them after they are executed.  Ask, "What worked?", and do more of that and less of what didn’t work. When someone says they learned their lesson, it's often simply because a thing … Continue reading Principle #5: Learn, Intentionally

Team Malaise

What happens when a team just loses it's mojo? Is this simply a "that's what happens sometimes", situation or can it be fixed? Finding the cause, or lighting a one more important than the other? Go back. Go deep. Go internal. Ask good questions about why this team plays or works on the things … Continue reading Team Malaise

Love the Struggle

There's a lot of talk out there about the current "everyone gets a trophy" culture in youth sports and how it's tainting the "growing up" experience of current kids. We talk about the fact that this is bad, and kids are consequently not mentally tough... What are we doing about it? Sports are hard. Losing … Continue reading Love the Struggle